Tournament Title

Registration Information

Interested competitors are to register as a full team of 5 players. Please ensure that you have at least 50,000 CC in your Cherry Credits account.

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How to Register

Registration of teams for the tournament is to be done by the elected Team Leaders only. All interested participants are to form a Team of 5 members and elect one as the designated Team Leader before participating. Applicants are not to register individually. You are not allowed to register for a bracket of a different country to your own. Such applications will be denied.

  1. 1). Login to your Cherry Account at
  2. 2). Select the respective bracket for your participation (Based on Country of Origin)
  3. 3). Re-enter your password for confirmation.
  4. 3). Fill up the necessary information as required.
  5. 4). An overview of the details that you had provided will be displayed to you for confirmation. To confirm, key in your 6 digit Security PIN.
  6. 5). Congratulations! You have successfully registered your team for the Alienware Arena PVP Tournament Season 2! A Representative from the organizing committee will be contacting the Team Leader shortly via E-Mail. Team leaders are to prepare the necessary documents required for submission to the Representative.