AvatarStar Battle Party | Kuala Lumpur 1 September 2013 (SUN)

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Team up with your buddies and show the world what teamwork is truly made of! You could be the one to bring home the sweet rewards of victory!

Tournament Format

Team Size: 5 (+1 optional reserve)
  • Reserve may help to substitute at any time
Team Roster: Max 2 of each class per match:
  • ie. 1 Gunner, 2 Assassins, 2 Guardians etc
  • Team composition may change between rounds.
  • Invalid team format will be disqualified as match will be considered as a loss.
Game Mode: King of the Hill
  • In Best of 3/5 series, the losing team picks the next mode/map
Game Account: Tournament Accounts provided
  • Each team will use the tournament accounts provided for the duration of the competition
  • 15 Skill Points available for players to set on the spot.
  • Weapons: All level 8 Rare Grade weapons (Blue, 0 level Enhancement, permanent, no repairs needed)
  • Wings: Angel/Devil (8 seconds flight duration)
  • Consumables: Lobster & Cardiac potions
  • Gold: None. Please set your skills wisely!