Dragon Nest Asian Cup World Tourney | Destination Chinajoy, Shanghai

Bring glory to your nation, mingle with gamers, up to 100,000 Yen + Free Flight

Next Stop To Glory: Chinajoy, Shanghai!

Embark on the journey to greatness in the first ever Dragon Nest World Tour: Asia Cup this July 2012. Who will emerge as the Pride of Asia as regional elites from Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore face-off against heavyweights from China and Korea in the world’s biggest game show, Chinajoy, Shanghai.

This is your chance to gain world recognition in gaming for your Nation, as you battle it out to snag cash prizes of up to CNY ¥100,000 as well as free air tickets and accommodation in Shanghai!

So fuel your dreams into reality and step up onto the world stage of the most exhilarating Dragon Nest battle today!

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Tournament Duration

Date 26 – 29th July 2012

Competition Info

Asian Cup World Tourney
Mode: 3v3 & 5v5 (All kill mode)
Selected Team
Team: 5 teams (KR, CN, SG, MY, PH)
  • The Dragon Nest World Tour: Asia Cup is open for Malaysians, Filipinos and Singaporeans only (PR citizens will be allowed).
  • 3 teams will be sent to represent Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines respectively.
  • Team members will be chosen from the National Team based on their performance and skills.
  • Each Team will consist of members playing a different character class.
  • No duplication of classes is allowed.

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Game Mode

3v3 (Arranged Team) & 5v5 (All kill mode)

Game Mode:

  • Map: 3v3 (Lost Temple, West Village Ruins)
  • Items: Disabled
  • Items: Disabled
  • Player HP: Hidden
  • Compensation: Enabled
  • Competition flow: 5 matches (5v5, 3v3, 5v5, 3v3, 5v5)
  • Winning Conditions - Best of 3 Matches
  • Competing teams must not consist of any duplicate classes.
    (Eg: Neither 2 Force Users nor 1 Force User and 1 Elemental Lord is allowed in the same team.)
  • Custom characters of T3 level 50 will be created for the competitors for use in the tournament.

10 seconds rule

  • Teams are to move out of their spawn area within 10 seconds from start of round.
  • All matches are conducted and recorded by the Game Marshal(s).

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