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Experience gaming that’s larger than life through a smooth gaming experience in high fidelity and great stability with ASUS tech that’s just perfect for competitive gameplay!

Sounds good? Then join in the brawl and pit your skills against other competitors to win yourself some high-performance ASUS gaming hardware and peripherals in this ASUS BattleRealm Dragon Nest SEA PvP tournament now!

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Event Schedule

Registration 8th – 18th Oct 2012
Bracket Release 19th Oct 2012
Tournament: 21st Oct 2012


Date: Sunday, 21st October
Time: 11:00AM - 7:00PM
Address: 175 Bencoolen Street #01-58 Burlington Square 189649


Game Mode:

  • 3 vs 3 Format
  • Maps in sequence : West Village Ruins – Lost Temple
  • Determining map: Arena of Death
  • Round mode: 3 points
  • Late Join: Disabled
  • Items: Disabled
  • Show HP: Disabled
  • Compensation: Enabled
  • Each category will run in a Round robin format (similar to a league format)
  • Winning team will be awarded with 3 points.
  • Teams that draw (Team A wins 1st map, Team B wins 2nd map) Both teams will be awarded with 1 point.
Softban Rule:
  • Apart from the Sudden Death map: Arena of Death, 10 seconds spawn rule (no buffs, no movements) applies.
  • Players are to note that certain areas of the map will be ban after 1minute and 30seconds of round. (Each round is at 3 minutes) The buffer time to get off the ban areas is 5 seconds.
Draw game rule:
  • If the round ends up in a draw, the team with the total higher HP will win that round instead of a draw.
  • Please read the rules under the RULES tab carefully.

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Registration Info

ASUS Battle Realm
3 VS 3
Fee: 3,000 CC
  • The ASUS Battle Realm is competed over a LAN/Cybercafe concept, thus it is open for players residing in Singapore and players whom will be coming down to Singapore on their own travel & lodging expenses
  • The tournament will be open to a max of 8 teams that will play in a round robin (league format) style. Every team will get a chance to play against the other 7 attending teams. The winning team will be rewarded in a point system. *Reference to our rules
  • There will be no registration for subs
  • Competitors are to provide their full details like Team Name, the 3 members full names and National ID or NRIC, their Facebook names. Captains of each team do provide your email and contact numbers
  • Each team is only allowed to have ONE National Team Player
    [Refer to the National Team line ups here]
  • Winner of this tournament will be drafted into the National Team Facebook page via respective country

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