Cherry Convention

SpeedMatch @ Cherry Convention 2013

Dragon Nest SpeedMatch, Avatar Star SpeedMatch - Grand Prize iPad Mini

Dragon Nest Speedmatch Details

Map Arena of Death
Mode Round
Size 2 (1v1)
Goal 3 Rounds
Late Join No
Show HP No
Items No
Random Team No
Compensation ON
  • Winners from each 1v1 PVP session will be given a coupon.
  • Tickets can be acquired throughout both days of the event.
  • The one with the most tickets by the end of the event wins an iPad Mini

Avatar Star Speedmatch Details

Map Belfrey Square
Mode Team Death Match (TDM)
Size 5v5
Goal 120 kills / most kill at 30 minutes
  • Team up with random players at the event.
  • 5 Winners from each PVP session will be given a coupon each.
  • Tickets can be acquired throughout both days of the event.
  • The one with the most tickets by the end of the event wins an iPad Mini

What Is A Speedmatch?

A Speed Match is a friendly quick match between two players. The objective is mainly to get to know each other better rather than solely winning the match. So don? just end the match with a victory. Instead let? end a battle with the start of a new friendship! Remember to introduce yourself to your new friend and exchange your new friend contact slip to stay in touch!

How to win?

The Winner from every SpeedMatch Session gets a winning ticket. Players can combine as many tickets as they like to submit for ranking at the SpeedMatch counter at any time of the day. The top 16 players with the most number of accumulated tickets will be shown on the ranking board. The rankings will be updated regularly and players can check back to see where they stand.

Players will be issued a verification number slip upon submission of winning tickets. Tickets fewer than that of the 16th ranking will not be collected. Ranking will be updated accordingly as and when there are submissions higher than that accumulated by the 16th rank. Players who have been dropped off the ranking board may return to the Speedmatch counter to collect their tickets back and try again for the rank positions.

NOTE: Players who are collecting their tickets back must present their verification number slip at time of collection. Uncollected tickets that have been dropped out of the top 16 ranking will be disregarded.

At the end of the event, the top 16 ranking players will win the Speedmatch prizes! The person with the most number of submitted tickets from both days wins the Grand Prize!

Prize presentation is held on 10 Mar, 6.45pm. Winners are to be present at the speedmatch counter 15mins before prize presentation.

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Speedmatch Special Raffle!

Alternatively, you can opt to submit your tickets in the special raffle if you decide not to enter the tickets for the Speedmatch prizes! Simply write down your details on the winning ticlets and drop them into the raffle box at the Speedmatch counter by 5PM on 10 March 2013.