Dragon Nest Carnival | 7 July 2013 | 11AM - 8PM | Alienware Arena @ Lucky Chinatown


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Terms & Conditions

  • Participants submitting their tickets to compete for the Top 5 Highest Ticket Submissions or Lucky Draw must have their tickets filled with the relevant details properly. Any ticket that is found to be incomplete or empty will be invalid.
  • Participant(s) are allowed to collate their tickets together with other participant(s) for submission to compete in the Top 5 highest ticket submission. Collated tickets will be placed in a representative envelope with the name of the submitted participant.
  • Participant(s) can only submit their tickets ONCE during the Dragon Nest First Carnival.
  • Subsequent submissions after the first from the same participant will be considered to be an entire new entry for competing in the Top 5 Highest Submissions tally.
  • All tickets for Lucky draw or for contesting for Top 5 Highest Submissions must be submitted to the counter by 630PM sharp. No late submissions will be entertained.
  • Participant(s) tickets which are submitted that do not fall within the Top 5 Highest Submission Ticket Tally after the Top 5 winners are determined, will be placed into the Lucky Draw Box for Lucky Draw.
  • Organizers will not be responsible for any disputes arising from prize winners during the Dragon Nest First Carnival (Example: Organizers will not be responsible for the fair and equal distribution of prizes for Winners from the Highest Ticket Submissions that have won due to the collation of tickets within participants)

* Participants who are not present during the lucky draw results announcement will have their prize(s) forfeited.

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