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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. May I register using my Birth Certificate/Driving License/Student Pass/Etc. instead of my National ID?

    Yes, you may register with those documents.

  2. Can my Team be made up of players from different countries?

    No, it is required that all team members are to be from the same country under the registered country’s National Qualifier.

  3. I am a Permanent Resident (PR) of the country. Will I be able to join and represent the country?

    Yes. You must be currently residing in the country that you want to represent. There can only be a of 1 PR per team.

  4. How do I submit a scanned copy of my National ID/ Identification/ Passport documents?

    Upon successful registration, the registered Team Leader is required to submit the documents via e-mail to to successfully conclude the registration process.

  5. My passport is currently being processed; can I still register for the competition?

    You may still register if your passport will be ready for collection before 23th Mar 2013. You must be able to provide valid evidence of your passport application and collection date. However, kindly note that tournament slots are subjected to availability. Priority will be given to Teams that are able to provide the necessary documents upfront.

  6. Will we be using our own characters?

    Yes. You will be using your own DWC characters.

  7. Can I register with more than one of a basic class?

    No. Duplicated base classes are not allowed in the same team.

  8. Am I allowed to change 1 of the classes in the team line up for the next match?


  9. Am I still able to participate if one of my team members isn’t present before the match?

    No. The match will be considered as a walk-over and the team present will automatically be awarded a win.

  10. How will the teams know that their registration is successful?

    Teams that have successfully registered will be updated on the DWC tournament website.

  11. What if I want to change my lineup for my team during the Top 16 Selection Period (8th October – 20th October)

    Teams will need to send an email to to inform the Organiser of the change. However all ratings for your previous team line-up will be initialized as per DWC Team disbanding rules.