Tournament Title

Registration Information

How to Register?

Registration of teams for the tournament is to be done by the elected Team Leaders only. All interested participants are to form their teams and elect one as the designated Team Leader before registering. Applicants are not to register individually.

  • Login to your Cherry Account at

  • Select the respective bracket for your participation

  • Fill up the necessary information as required

  • An overview of the details that you had provided will be displayed to you for confirmation. To confirm, key in your 6 digit Security PIN.

  • Congratulations! You have success-fully registered your team for the Dragon Nest World Championship! Your team name will be shown under the respective country under the Bracket tab

Terms & Conditions

  • The DWC Main Match is open to Malaysia, Philippines & Singapore.
  • Each team must comprise of 3 members from the same participating country.
  • Permanent Residents (PRs) are allowed to participate, but only 1 PR is allowed in each team
  • The participating Permanent Resident must also reside in the participating country he is going to represent for the entire DWC event period.
  • The top 16 teams will be selected from each country to compete in their respective Qualifying brackets. The winners of the individual qualifying brackets will move on to compete in the Dragon Nest World Championships which will be held in Shanghai, China.
  • As stated above, all participants must hold a valid passport for overseas travel.
  • Travel & accommodation expenses to Shanghai will be sponsored by Cherry Credits for teams in the finals. Teams are to accept all travel arrangements by Cherry Credits and adhere to the submission of travelling documents in a timely manner.
  • Teams are not allowed to change or make amendments to the travel arrangements without prior approval from Cherry Credits.
  • Participation in this event is free.
  • All participating teams who want to participate in the DWC tournament must register their teams in their Cherry Exchange in order for their team to qualify for the event. Teams that fail to do so will not be eligible for the tournament.
  • Teams that wish to change their players/ line up halfway through the tournament will need to submit a Cherry Ticket Via Cherry Messenger.
  • All teams will need to be fully aware of the tournament dates and timing. Failure to turn up will result in a walk-over and the team present will automatically be awarded a win.
  • All teams are fully aware that by winning in the National Qualifier, they have also agreed to participate in the DWC 2013. National teams that fail to travel/ turn up for the event will have to compensate the organizers for the full expenses incurred, including the expenses of the replacement team (in SGD).
  • National teams not adhering to the above rules will also be banned from participating in future tournaments.
  • Cherry Credits reserve the rights to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.
  • The Organiser’s decision is final .