Tournament Title


General DWC Competition Rules

Duplication of basic class is not allowed. (eg. Having both a Bowmaster and an Acrobat which are both from the Archer Basic Class in a team will not be allowed)

Teams which register and are given a slot but who do not turn up on the day of the competition itself will be blacklisted from future qualifiers.

Teams are given only 5 minutes to change their skill build and plates if needed between match modes. (You are allowed to change to a 3v3 specialized skill build and plate for the 3v3 Rounds Mode match after the first Kill-or-Fall Mode during the Best of 3)

Disconnection related Issues

In the event that both teams experiences unforeseen connection problems that disconnects and prevents them from continuing the tournament match, the total elapsed game time and total game points scored would be recorded by the Game Marshall(s) overseeing that match.

After the issue has been resolved and both teams are ready, a new room would be created by the Game Marshall(s), and the match will continue on with the time and game points remaining where it was left off, as recorded by the Game Marshall(s).

In the case of intentional disconnections, the Game Marshall(s) may decide to conclude and end the match; with the offending team awarded a loss by forfeit or disqualification in the cases of abuse .

For all other forms of player disconnection, the Game Marshall(s) and the Admins reserve the right to either restart the match, or determine the match outcome based on a case-by-case basis.

The organizers shall not be held responsible for any unforeseen circumstances arising from network or technical difficulties. All teams are requested to settle any disputes and irregularities in an amicable manner.

The participating teams may contact the Game Marshall(s) and the Admins when in doubt.


Matches will start punctually

Teams are to refer to their scheduled matches and be online 15 minutes beforehand.


Players are obliged to attend interviews (video, written or otherwise) on site, upon request from the organizers during the duration of the qualifiers.

All winners are obliged to attend the prize giving ceremonies. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the prize.

Players are encouraged to be attired smartly, but there will be no restrictions on attire for the qualifiers.

The organizer's decision is final.

Dragon Nest General Game Play Rules

All participants are to conduct themselves in professional and lawful manner, displaying good sportsmanship and proper respect to other players and admins throughout the competition.

Team leaders will be held responsible for the conduct and behavior of their teams.

The same line up that played and qualified must play in the grand finals.

Teams are not allowed to change the team line up after registration.

All decisions by organizers are final.

A team may be disqualified if any of its members commits any one of the following acts:

  • Refusal to abide by the Tournament Rules
  • Exhibiting profanity
  • Harassment of any kind
  • Displaying unsporting behavior
  • Providing false or misleading information
  • Fraudulent activities

In the event that a Game Marshall is not present when any of the above acts occurs, the match has to be played as normal till the end, and the replays/screenshots to be provided to the Admins for investigation.

Dispute rights, Requirements and Guidelines

A team has the right to dispute any opposing team they feel is in violation of any game play rules. Disputes must be filed by contacting the Game Marshall(s) immediately following the conclusion of a match. A team who is disputed has the right to subsequently file a dispute against the other team as well. All disputes must be filed within 10 minutes following the completion of the match.

Once a dispute has been filed, Game Marshall(s) will contact teams/players involved in the dispute to request for additional evidence which may include screenshots, logs, and/or replays. If so, the teams/players will then be required to promptly begin submitting all requested evidence to the Game Marshall(s) in charge of the dispute.

Disputes should only be handled in private between the Game Marshall(s), admins, officials and those teams/players directly involved. Raising a dispute as a public matter for the purpose of appealing, criticizing, or complaining about the verdict may result in the team/player disqualification and/or match forfeit, depending on the severity and malicious intent as determined by the organizers.

Exploitation of the game through any means (3rd party programs/bugs/etc.) warrants immediate disqualification. No disputes will be entertained by the admins. Ignorance is not a defence. Competitors are expected to know what is within the boundaries of the game.

Definition of "bugs":

  • Anything abnormal which will give a competitor/team an unfair advantage.
  • Anything which will cause interruption/fatal error to the game.

Cheating (Disqualification):
The use of any kind of cheats is strictly prohibited. No 3rd Party Programs are to be used Regardless of any situation, even if a competitor is exploiting the game, (with the exception of disconnection issues; see disconnection issues) each tournament match has to be played till completion. The replays/screenshots are to be sent to admins for investigation after the match has ended.

Failing to comply with any of the above rules and regulations will result in either a warning or disqualification from the tournament.