Dragon Nest World Championship 2014 | Partners: Alienware, Intel

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can my team be made up of players from different countries?

    No, it is required that all team members are to be from the same country as your registered qualifier.

  2. I am a Permanent Resident (PR) of the country. Will I be able to participate?

    Yes. However, you must be currently residing in the country that you want to represent & each team can only have 1 PR.

  3. Will we be using our own characters?

    Yes. You will be using your own DWC characters.

  4. Can I register with more than one of a basic class?

    No. Duplicated base classes are not allowed in the same team (e.g. no Sword Master & Mercenary in 1 team).

  5. Am I allowed to change 1 of the classes in the team lineup for the next match?

    No. You are to strictly use the same classes during registration.

  6. How will the teams know that their registration is successful?

    Teams that have successfully registered will be updated on the DWC tournament website.

For any other matters, please send us an email at pvp@cherrycredits.com & we will get back to you as soon as possible.