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How to Participate

(Bloodline Players)

  1. Complete dungeons in the Prosperity Bonanza and Head Hunter Warlords Events daily.
  2. Completing dungeons in Prosperity Bonanza gets you Firecrackers (Worth 1 point each). Completing dungeons in Head Hunter Warlords gets you Red Packets (Worth 2 points each).
  3. The points you earn from collecting these items will be added to the overall Bloodline score, displayed at the Home page.
  4. Should Bloodline players amass more points than DN players by 01 Feb 0459HRS, all Bloodline players shall win 1x Slayer Lambert, 2500x Gems and 200x Destiny Coins
  5. The Firecrackers and Red Packets can be sold for gold. This won’t affect your points count.