Energeyes Guild Showdown 2016


  1. Can my team be made up of players from different guilds?

    No, it is required that all team members are to be from the same guild as your registered qualifier.

  2. If I join the guild during the tournament period or after the tournament and the team wins the Championship, will I get the Championship costume as well?

    No, only players who are in the guild before the registration closes will receive the Championship costume.

  3. Will we be using our own characters?

    Yes, you will be using your own characters.

  4. Can I register with more than one basic class?

    No. Duplicated base classes are not allowed in the same team (e.g. no Sword Master & Mercenary in 1 team).

  5. Am I allowed to change 1 of the classes in the team lineup for the next match?

    No. You are to strictly use the same classes during registration.

  6. Can I expel members from the guild once registered for the Guild Showdown Season 2?

    Yes, you may expel guild members. However if the guild member is in the team representing the guild, the team will be disqualified from the tournament.

  7. Can I invite new members once the guild is registered for the Guild Showdown Season 2?

    Yes, you can invite new members during the Guild Showdown tournament period. However guild members who join the guild AFTER team’s registration period will not be entitled to the prize if the guild’s team has won the tournament.