Tournament Title

Koota Dragon Nest Challenge

Singapore Koota DN Challenge

Koota Share your gaming passion in the Singapore Koota DN Challenge. Forge new friendships in our friendly 1v1 matches and stand to win cool lucky draw prizes at the same time!

What’s more, all semi-finalists will be selected to be part of the National Team Qualifiers Tournament where you could represent Singapore in an upcoming PvP battle staged in Chinajoy, Shanghai

Don't just dream it. Take the first step towards glory with Singapore Koota DN Challenge today!

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Event Schedule

Venue: Alienware Arena
Address: 60A Orchard Rd #B1-01/02/03
Singapore 238889
Date: 1st July 2012
Time: 11am - 5pm

Registration Info

Registration for the event is FREE!

You can simply drop Koota organiser an SMS message or e-mail Chief Marshal pvp at (Chief Marshal will help you forward the request) with the following details:

Character Class
Contact Number

Contact Person:
Stanley: 97338316
Abel: 96279918
Adrian: 91807411

An SMS Confirmation will be sent. Please reply to the confirmation SMS to be officially registered!

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1v1 Double Elimination Tournament

Game Mode:

  • Mode: 1v1
  • Map: Lost Temple
  • Items: Disabled
  • Player HP: Hidden
  • Compensation: Enabled
  • There will be no soft bans, skill plates and skill resets
  • Winner is decided when one achieves 5 wins or has the most wins when time is up
  • Sudden Death will be in effect if continuous draws occurs
  • If Sudden Death Draws, a coin toss will decide winner.
  • If technical fault occurs, the match will continue from where it was last left off.
  • All technical faults must be reported to Game Marshals before the match begins.
  • Technical faults reported after the match has begun will not be entertained.
  • Disqualification will be warranted for the following behavior (at Game Marshal’s discretion):
    • Fighting
    • Taunting
    • Vulgarities
    • Multiple Warnings
    • And all other acts of aggression (not limited to the above)

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