Submission Guidelines

  1. Record the FULL footage of the attempt in at least 720p definition or better, upload it to Youtube, and set it as unlisted.
  2. Do not upload your Youtube video for public viewing, or share your video link with anyone else except the Organizers.
  3. Players who wish to submit their Max Combo Challenge attempt video must include the original audio.
    Submissions without original audio will be considered void and nulled.
  4. In-Game Name (IGN) must be clearly visible in the video given.
  5. *Please check and ensure that the Youtube link is valid. Submissions with invalid or missing links will be disqualified.
  6. All recorded attempt must not be recorded using an external recorder (Example: Handphone camera, Video camera and etc).

Submission for Max Combo Online Challenge is closed.

Rules & Regulations

  • Players are not allowed to execute the same action twice or more on a standing practice dummy.
  • Players are allowed to execute the same action twice or more on a knocked down practice dummy.
  • Action refers to skills and basic attacks for each respective class.
  • Usage of Ultimate skills is not allowed.
  • Usage of Nest skill heraldry is not allowed.
  • For both Majesty and Smasher, usage of beyond time is not allowed.
  • For both Tempest and Windwalker, usage of Spirit boost is not allowed.
  • For both Sniper and Artillery, usage of Sylph's Aid is not allowed.
  • For both Shooting Star, Gearmaster, Adept, and Physician, usage of Alfredo is not allowed.
  • For Windwalker, usage of Showtime is not allowed.
  • Skill Cooldown Time Option must be checked in the Display Tab under Game Settings.
  • Use of Cool Time Elixir (Cool Time -80%) Potion is not allowed.
  • The hit combo counters of a single attempt will be considered. Subsequent hit combos once the in-game hit combo counter resets will be invalid.
  • All Submission must be submitted via the web-form above.

Terms & Conditions

  • Event will start from 5th August 2013 (0000HRS, GMT+8) till 19th August 2013 (2359HRS, GMT+8). All submissions must be received during this period.
  • No late submissions will be considered.
  • Players are allowed to submit entries for multiple classes (Refer to submission details for more information).
  • Shipping and handling charges may apply for the prize delivery if your country is situated outside of South-East Asia.
  • The Organizer reserves the rights to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.
  • The Organizer’s decision is final
  • All winners will be contacted through the character they had used for submission via their cherry credits account.
  • Verification for winners will be completed via email with the cherry credits account that contains the character used for submission.
  • The winner will be the rightful owner of that account that contains the character with a winning submission.
  • Organizers will not be responsible for any disputes arising from players using characters for submission from accounts where they are not the rightful owners