Tournament Title

Reach For The Ultimate Glory!

For Honour
The battle for honour has reached a whole new level with the National Team Qualifiers Tournament. Now, here’s your chance to spread your good name far and wide as we seek the bravest among us to represent their respective Nations in the glory of Dragon Nest PVP!

For Pride
We will also be unlocking the thrills of Level 50 content exclusively for the chosen elites of this tournament so you can prep and train up to meet the big boys in China!

For Passion
With the pride of the Nation on your shoulders, and up to 700,000CC prize at stake, how far will your dream take you? Gather your team mates and find out today!

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Event Schedule

Round 1 25th June - 27th July 2012
Quarter Finals 28th June - 29th June 2012
Semi Finals & Final 30th June 2012, 1200hrs

Registration Info

National Qualifier

    National Team Qualifier
    Free Registration
    Team: 16 teams
  • The National Team Qualifiers Tournament is open to players in Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore only. (Players with PR status is allowed.
  • 16 teams will be opened per country to compete in their respective Qualifying brackets. The semi-finalists of the 3 Qualifying brackets will be selected to join our National Team.
  • Interested applicants are to register as a team (3 members, no reserved) for 3v3 category
  • Registration date: 15th June – 24th June 2012
    To register, please send an email to with the following details of each member:
    [ Team Name ]
    [ Name ]
    [ National ID (Please include a scanned copy of your identification documents) ]
    [ Contact numbers ]
    [ Email address, Facebook address, MSN and Yahoo account ID ]
    [ IGN ]
    [ Class to be used in competition ]
    Please identify the Team Leader in your email.


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3v3 Double Elimination Tournament

Game Mode:

  • 3V3 Arranged Team
  • Map: Lost Temple
  • Items: Disabled
  • Players HP: Hidden
  • Compensation: Enabled
  • Competing teams must not consist of any duplicate classes. (Eg: Neither 2 Force Users nor 1 Force User and 1 Elemental Lord is allowed in the same team.)
  • Custom characters of level 40 will be created for the competitors for use in the tournament.
  • All matches are conducted and recorded by the Game Marshall(s).
10 seconds rule
  • Teams are to move out of their spawn area within 10 seconds from start of round.
  • The team that fails to do so will result in receiving a demerit point for every 10 seconds they are in the spawn area.
  • Demerit points will be put in use when there is a round draw.
  • Team that has the most demerit points will be awarded a default loss for that round.
  • 1 round point will be awarded to the opposite Team.
  • Demerit points will be reset at the end of every round.
  • All matches are conducted and recorded by the Game Marshal(s).

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