Tournament Title

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If my registered team is not selected for the tournament, or is unable to provide the necessary documents, will I get my Registration Fee of 4,000 / 20,000 CC back?

    Please note that no refunds will be made. Hence, please ensure you have all necessary documents ready prior to registration.

  2. May I register using my Birth Certificate/Driving License/Student Pass/Etc. instead of my National ID?

    Yes, you may register with those documents.

  3. Will we be using our own characters?

    All competitors will be issued with a Tournament specific account that contains a Level 40 custom character. The character class will go according to the selections made during Registration.

  4. Can my Team be made up of players from different countries?

    Yes, you may. However do note that the Quarter Final – Final timing would be GMT +8.

  5. Is it possible to have a Sword Master and a Mercenary in my team?

    No. Duplicate classes are not allowed in the same team.

  6. Am I allowed to change 1 of the classes in my team line up for the next match?

    No. Team compositions are locked after registration. So choose wisely!

  7. Will I be provided with any Skill Resets on our custom tournament characters? If yes, how many times can I reset my skills?

    Each character will be provided with 1x Skill Initialization Scroll. You may reset your skills before and after a match, but not during a match.

  8. I see that I can register a reserve team member. Does the reserve member have his own character and class?

    No, the reserve team member may only use one of the 4 characters that were registered in the team.

  9. How do I submit a scanned copy of my National ID / Identification documents?

    Upon successful registration, the registered Team Leader are required to submit the document via E- mail to to successfully conclude the registration process.

  10. How do I make payments for the Registration Fee (4,000 / 20,000 CC)?

    Registrations are done as a complete team. As such, the Team Leader who is representing the entire team is required to have a minimum of 4,000 / 20,000 CC in his Cherry Account to register.