SD Gundam Online 3 on 3 Cyber Challenge

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Am I still able to participate if one of my team members isn’t present before the match?

    No. The match will be considered as a walk-over and the team present will automatically be awarded a win.

  2. Will I be using my own Units/Account?

    Yes players will be using their own account to participate in the tournament.

  3. Will I be able to add additional units to my already registered line-up?

    No. Once the unit line-up is registered players will not be able to switch around their units.

  4. I have ‘accidentally’ Scrap or use my registered unit, what I be able to retrieve my unit or re-register another unit?

    No. Re-registering units or adding new ones would not be allowed. Players would have to make do with the remaining units they have left.

  5. How do I make payments for the Registration Fee?

    Registrations are done as a complete team. As such, the Team Leader who is representing the entire team is required to have a minimum of 15000 CC in his/her Cherry Account to register.

  6. Am I allowed to use Zuoot (Rank CU) and Zuoot (Rank C) on the same team?

    Yes as those 2 are considered as different units.

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