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National Qualifier

National Qualifier
3v3 1v1
Fee: 30,000 CC Fee: 10,000 CC
Teams: 8 per country Teams: 8 per country
  • The Shanda Invitational Best of 4 PvP Tournament Qualifier is open for Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore.
  • A total of 8 teams will be selected per country to compete in their respective Qualifying brackets. The finalist of the 3 Qualifying brackets will move on to compete with each other and China team in the Grand Finals held in Singapore.
  • Travel and accommodation expenses to Singapore will be sponsored by Cherry Credits for the finalist
  • The tournament will be divided into 2 categories Participants can participate in both categories
  • Registration fees and prizes will differ for each category Registration is held from 13th March – 18th March 2012 via Cherry Exchange
  • Interested applicants are to register as a team (3 members + 1 optional reserve) for 3v3 category
  • There is a registration fee of 30,000 CC per team for 3v3 and 10,000 CC per team for 1v1 in National Qualifier
  • Participants for 3v3 may only register for either National Qualifier 3v3 or Fringe Event
  • Participants for Fringe event and National Qualifier 3v3 is allowed to participate in National Qualifier 1v1

Fringe Event

Fringe Event
Fee: 3,000 CC
Teams: 16
  • The Shanda Invitational Fringe Event is open for all Dragon Nest Sea Players who reside outside Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore or players that do not have a valid passport
  • Registration is held from 13th March – 18th March 2012 via Cherry Exchange
  • Interested applicants are to register as a team (3 members + 1 optional reserve).
  • There is a registration fee of 3,000 CC per team. Please ensure that you have enough CC in your account before registering.
  • It is the Team Leader’s responsibilities to arrange for a match with the opponent’s Team Leader within the given time frame in the scheduled Round of matches. Failure to do so will result in disqualification of the Team

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3v3 & 1v1 Double Elimination Tournament

Game Mode:

  • 3v3 / 1v1 Arranged Team
  • Map: Lost Temple
  • Items: Disabled
  • Player HP: Hidden
  • Compensation: Enabled
  • Competing teams must not consist of any duplicate classes.
    (Eg: Neither 2 Force Users nor 1 Force User and 1 Elemental Lord is allowed in the same team.)
  • Custom characters of level 40 will be created for the competitors for use in the tournament.
  • 10 seconds rule
    • Teams are to move out of their spawn area within 10 seconds from start of round.
    • Team that fail to do so would result in receiving a demerit point for every 10 seconds they are in the spawn area.
    • Demerit point will be put in use when there is a round draw.
    • Team that has the most demerit point will be awarded a default loss for that round.
    • 1 round point will be awarded to the opposite Team.
    • Demerit point will be reset at the end of every round.
  • All matches are conducted and recorded by the Game Marshall(s).

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