Cherry SpeedMatch 2013 - Davao, Philipppines 13 July 2013


Have gold to spare? Take part in the DN Auction and use your DN gold to bid for these coveted items!
Used Cherry Credits Pre-paid cards are also accepted!

Auction Items

How to Bid

  1. DN Gold and used Cherry Credits prepaid cards can be utilized to bid for the Auction items.
  2. Players should prepare their accounts or Used Cherry Credits Pre-paid cards beforehand.
  3. Players may combine gold from multiple accounts for bidding.
  4. The Host will present in-game/physical items for bidding one at a time. An announcement will be made before bidding begins if an item up for auction is not available for immediate transaction.
  5. The host will announce the starting bids. Each raise is set at 1,000 gold. Additional call to bids must be in multiples of 1,000 gold.
  6. Interested bidders are to raise their hands up prominently to signify their intention to bid.
  7. Auctioned items goes to the highest bidder.

Used Pre-paid Card Exchange Rates

2,900 CC
Exchange for: 200 Gold
10,00 CC
Exchange for: 700 Gold
30,000 CC
Exchange for: 2,100 Gold
*Cherry Credits Pre-paid cards that are found to have been tampered with will be deemed null and void.

*All Gold used for bidding in the Auction cannot be acquired from illegitimate sources such as Gold Seller(s). The accounts will be scrutinized for such activity. If auction winners are found to have acquired gold from such sources, the relevant Game Accounts will be subjected to fourteen (14) days Game Account Ban AND a mandatory Inventory Wipe for all characters.