AvatarStar Challenge


Team Setting

5 players in a team + 1 substitute (Optional)

Level 30 characters

15 Skill Points for competitors to set on the spot

Weapon Details: All level 8 Rare Grade Weapon (Blue, 0 level Enhancement, permanent so no repair is needed)

Wings: Angel/ Devil (8 seconds flight duration)

Consumables: Lobster & Cardiac potions

Each team can only use a maximum of 2 same classes

General Rules

Players can choose to bring their own mouse, keyboard, headphones, and any other peripherals to simulate their own best playing environment.

Organizers will not be responsible for performance issues related to peripherals.

Players are to look after their belongings at all times. Organizers will not be responsible for any loss/damaged item(s).

Organizers will not be providing a separate practice zone.

No vulgarities are to be used in the tournament area at all times.

Only registered team members and substitutes are allowed in the tournament area.

Tournament players are to check the account before the match start.
All decisions by the Organizers are final.

Game Setting

Players allowed: 5 players per team in a single match.

1 substitute will be allowed. The substitute is allowed to substitute at any point in time.
(Eg. Substitute can take over one of his team mate鈥檚 computer and play straight away without waiting for a match to end)

General Tournament Rules

The seeding of brackets will be drawn randomly and completed at the event venue itself. Team Captains will represent their teams during the draw.

Once teams have been informed about the time slot for their match, they are to report to the Head Marshal 15 minutes before their allocated time slot.

Teams will only have 10 minutes to set up and be ready for their match. After 10 minutes, the match will start regardless if there is a missing player.

Team Captains are to ensure that the class composition rules are adhered to before joining the match room. If a team fails to comply, they will automatically be disqualified. i.e Teams are only to enter the match room when they have decided on their class composition within their team. Players are not allowed to leave the match room once they have entered

At the end of each match, players must remain seated and leave their screen at the victory/defeat page while waiting for the referee to record the results.

If a disconnections occurs before the first minutes in the match, the match will be restarted.

If a disconnections occurs after 1 minute into the match, the match will still continue and the disconnected player must rejoin as soon as possible.

Dispute Rights, Requirements and Guidelines

A team has the right to dispute any opposing team they feel is in violation of any game play rules. Disputes must be filed by contacting the Game Marshal(s) immediately following the conclusion of a match. A team who is disputed has the right to subsequently file a dispute against the other team as well. All disputes must be filed within 10 minutes following the completion of the match.

Once a dispute has been filed, Game Marshal(s) will contact teams/players involved in the dispute to request for additional evidence which may include screenshots, logs, and/or replays. If so, the teams/players will then be required to promptly begin submitting all requested evidence to the Game Marshal(s) in charge of the dispute.

Disputes should only be handled in private between the Game Marshal(s), admins, officials and those teams/players directly involved. Raising a dispute as a public matter for the purpose of appealing, criticizing, or complaining about the verdict may result in the team/player disqualification and/or match forfeit, depending on the severity and malicious intent as determined by the Organizers.