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Up Your Game With VR-TechPlay 2012

Be in the know with VR-Zone, as you get empowered with the latest trends and technology in the digital world. Get psyched with all things byte and more, as you earn respect from peers with 24/7 information at your fingertips.

And with great knowledge comes great power, so take the back seat no more as you steer right into the heart of the action with the VR-TechPlay 2012 Dragon Nest PvP Tournament! Battle the best of the best and rewrite the page of competitive gaming that will prove legendary in time to come.

Are you ready for the crunch? Take a bite into the adrenaline cookie today!

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Event Schedule

Registration Closed
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Round 1 14th - 19th Feb 2012
WB R2 / LB R1 20th - 23th Feb 2012
WB R3 / LB R2 24th - 27th Feb 2012
LB R3 28th - 2nd Mar 2012
Final 4th Mar 2012
WB Winners Bracket
LB Losers Bracket
R Round

Registration Info

National Qualifier

  • The VR TechPlay Dragon Nest PVP Tournament is open to Dragon Nest SEA players in all South East Asian regions.
  • The tournament will be divided into 2 categories:
    Amateur Series Pro Series
    Fee: 4,000 CC
    Teams: 32
    Fee: 20,000 CC
    Teams: 32
    Participants can register for ONLY ONE of the category. Teams caught registering for both would be disqualified for the latter series. No registration refunds will be given.
  • Registration fees and prizes will differ for each category.
  • Registration is held from 3rd Feb to 8th Feb 2012 via Cherry Exchange
  • Interested applicants are to register as a team (4 members + 1 optional reserve).
  • There is a registration fee of 4,000 CC per team for Amateur Category and 20,000 CC per team for Pro Category. Please ensure that you have enough CC in your account before registering.
  • It is the Team Leader's responsibilities to arrange for a match with the opponent’s Team Leader within the given time frame in the scheduled Round of matches. Failure to do so will result in disqualification of the team.


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4v4 Double Elimination Tournament

Game Mode:

  • 4v4 Arranged Team
  • Map: Circular Arena
  • Items: Disabled
  • Players HP: Shown
  • Compensation: Enabled
  • Competing teams must not consist of any duplicate classes.
    (Eg: Neither 2 Force Users nor 1 Force User and 1 Elemental Lord is allowed in the same team.)
  • Custom characters of level 40 will be created for the competitors for use in the tournament.
  • All matches are conducted and recorded by the Game Marshall(s).

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